Beaches of Gujarat

Gujarat is known for the longest coastline that frames its boundary. This 1600 kilometers long coast is blessed with myriad beaches that are perfect haven for the tourists. There are numerous beaches in Gujarat that are perfect tourist destinations. Most of them attract international tourists and offer gamut of activities that can be pursued by these travelers. The abundance of the coastal beaches has made Gujarat a major tourist destination of India. The tourism industry is making full scale efforts to promote tourism and generate revenues for the state.

Beaches in Gujarat offer some of the most spectacular sceneries, picturesque landscapes, and magnificent fishing grounds. Some of the most prominent beaches include Ahmedpur Mandvi, Kutch Mandvi, Chorwad, Madhavpur, Dui, and Gopnath. Ahmedpur Mandvi is one of the most attractive beaches that are preferred by the tourists for spending their vacations away from the hustle and bustle of cities. This beach is known for pure white sand and a number of water sports. One can enjoy activities like para sailing, swimming, boating, surfing, and skiing. There are perfect accommodations to fulfill the needs of the visitors

Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach
Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach is one of the most spectacular beaches that adorn the rugged coastline of Gujarat. This extremely beautiful beach is not less than a paradise for nature-lovers. Visited by numerous visitors every year, this admirable place lies within the reach of Ahmedabad; it is, in fact, located at a distance of about 300 kilometers from this city.

The crystal clear waters and availability of several water sports make Ahmedpur Mandvi Beach a perfect place for adventure-seeking tourists. One cannot only enjoy swimming here but can choose among myriad options like water-skiing, para-sailing, surfing, and driving water-scooters. Nature lovers can find solace in watching pristine coastline, fishing hamlets and colorful birds. Dotted with white sands, this place is a perfect getaway to spend a ravishing holiday with family and friends.

Chorwad is a scenic beach and a fishing village that is located on the west coast in the state of Gujarat. Admired for hilly terrains, breathtaking sceneries, this beach is worth visiting by the tourists. The splendid boat rides at lovely seafronts provide an enriching experience to the visitors.

This perfect holiday resort offers magnanimous views of sea-side and plethora of water sports. The scenic beauty of this alluring land is enough to mesmerize both national as well as international tourists. Chorwad is also popular for its nearby attractions like Porbandar and Somnath. Earlier a princely state, Porbandar is the birth place of Mahatma Gandhi. Due to his cult status, this city is important, particularly for the people of Gujarat. The nearby museum that is stuffed with memorabilia of this eminent personality can also be a visited.  Daria Mahal is a piece of architecture; its specialty is that it is built facing the sea. One can have the treat of watching panoramic views from this structural beauty.

Since decades, Chorwad has remained a popular retreat for nabobs of Junagadh. Housing a Chorwad Palace and offering comfort and relaxation, this is the only beach palace resort of India. The idea of refurbishing this beach into a luxury resort was the brainchild of Mohabbat Khan, a Junagadh nabob. Kirti Mandir is a must-visit site as it was once the living place of Mahatma. There is no dearth of both economical as well as luxury accommodations that look after the comfort and needs of the tourists.

Located in Bhavnagar district, Gopnath beach of Gujarat is a secluded retreat that offers some of the most spectacular views to the visitors. Known for its scenic beauty that is replenished with rocks of limestone and breathtaking vistas, this beach is particularly popular among tourists.

Amazing sea breezes and firm sands to walk upon offer sensual pleasures; one can relax himself thoroughly in seclusion,and can wade through coastal waters, or just spend time watching colorful birds that chirp here and there. This lovely hamlet is one of the best getaways for those who want to rejuvenate their energies amidst soothing surroundings.

Madhavpur Beach, named after Madhav Rao, is a sandy beach which is located sixty kilometers from Porbandar town. This stunning beach of Gujarat is famous for its sandy coastal areas and canopies of coconut trees that cover the entire vistas.

A temple is built after the name of the ruler Madhav Rao. The temple is magnificent and attracts tourist by its grandeur. Another haveli temple that is dedicated to the same ruler is also majestic. The magnificent Beyt Dwarka Beach is located on the Saurashtra coast and is dotted with several Hindu temples. Its perfect situation at the confluence of Gomati River and Arabain Sea makes it suitable for water sports and other adventures. Dwarka is a city of pilgrimages. Being the birth place of Hindu God Krishna, immense religious significance is associated with this lovely place. The beach area is a unique amalgamation of religious aura and sensuality.

Though Beyt Dwarka Beach is not as popular as other beaches, its importance from the religious point of view cannot be under estimated. People travel to this beach in order to see the Okha seafront. It takes about half an hour in a boat to reach here from Okha. Tourists stay here or about an hour; the aura of the beach is filled with sentimental and religious touches. People come here for picnicking and to take holy baths in the sacred waters.

Situated on the coast of Saurashtra, Diu Beach is a world famous destination that is enriched with the captivating beauty and soothing ambience. Fringed by trees of coconuts and adorned with soft sandy areas, this secluded place is a paradisiacal retreat for the visitors who want to spend vacation time away from the tension-laced metropolitan cities.

There are two beaches at Diu that are worth visiting; Jallandhar and Nagoa are the pristine beaches that offer myriad activities to the beach goers. There are several attractions that are not only alluring to the visitors but offer numerous activities in the form of water sports that are delightful to the adventure-seekers.

Located at a distance of about 60 kilometers from Bhuj, Kutch Mandvi Beach is one of the most enchanting places of Gujarat. Known for its exclusive beauty, this beach is adorned with turquoise waters and fine sands. The serenity of the place attracts thousands of visitors every year.

In ancient times, Mandvi was a famous historic port and was the center of commercial trading activities. An important town for Bhuj's Maharaos, the place got prosperous by the extensive sea trading activities that were in full vogue at that time. The royal people used to come here for relaxing.

The blue waters of the coastal region are enriched with marine life and adorable fishing points. One can fully enjoy the lively beaches and feel completely rejuvenated. There are a number of activities that one can pursue at the splendid coasts. Apart from swimming, one can enjoy colorful birds that are found here in large numbers. One can pursue long walks while admiring the breathtaking beauty of this paradise. Camel and pony rides are available for the tourists.

Sunsets at Kutch Mandvi Beach are amazingly alluring and mark the perfect ending of a day. The pristine beaches, scintillating fishing hamlets, crystal clear waters, and abundant marine life can make one's vacation a cherishable experience. There are windmills that are used for harnessing energy from winds. The unabashed Somnath and Veraval beach is known for its unspoilt beauty and unparallel sceneries. One can enjoy limitless number of activities here. It is, in fact, a great summer retreat where tourists can come, relax on the sandy beaches and spend their vacations watching the breathtaking beauty of the surroundings.