Gujarat Hill Station

Gujarat has such big history of their culture, convention and tradition. Gujarat is maintaining their ancient traditional values and beliefs but they also developed themselves with change of time frame; because of this they walking with matching the time of world. Gujarat state has the influence of three culture European, Islamic and Hindu. It is located very strategically, as per the progress scale of state is going high. It has very big crowd of tourists form all over the world. As everybody knows; that Gujarat state is made of full of diversity. Gujarat holds the most prime tourist destinations in the country. The very old and known tourist place of Gujarat is Gandhi Ashram. It has become tourists spot and it is appearing to being a most famous tourist location. There are three hill stations Saputara, Mahal Hill and Waghai in Gujarat where most of the tourists prefer to visit and spend their beautiful time. Gujarat government display Saputara as a most beautiful hill station in Gujarat. Also in nearby of Saputara there are attractive green cover spots which offers eco tourism.

On 1000m altitude, Saputara is situated; and it is located in the heart of district Dangs. It is very much near to Surat city, it is on the second high reaching plateau. You will enjoy the cool bracing climate and delightful nature view of the verdant valley on the Sahyadri range. The thick border line around the Saputara is pointed with tribal villages and their traditional dance forms are very interesting. Through the tourism point of view Saputara has been developed by the Gujarat government, they have planned many facilities over Saputara like hill resort with all the necessary services such as parks, boat, theaters, hotels, swimming pools and museums to make you holidays more enjoyable under the cool nature. Gujarat state very broad coastline, which shows that’s Gujarat, has many hills. As Gujarat government is giving encouragement to tourism, that’s why they are planning to have holiday homes so that tourists will enjoy their vacations like Ubhrat, Chorvad, Tithal, Surat and Bulsar district in Junagadh district. Udwada which is in Valsad district, it is a major tourist spot and is now developed as International centre of harmony and peace.
Another hill station of Gujarat is Mahal hill, it is located 60km away from Saputara and it is also dominated by the Purna Sanctuary. It is surrounded with the bamboos glades and rivers, which is perfect place for picnics, treks and walks. The prime attractions of Mahal hill are Purna Sanctuary and Girmal Falls.

Waghai Hills located 9km from Saputara, then Waghai town starts, which have many beautiful tourists' places. People enjoy driving over here in the natural and pure air which makes you refreshing. The prime attractive locations of this hill are Gira Falls and Botanical Garden. Near by Waghai hill, there are many places and spots for roaming such as Hot Springs and Unnai Mata temple, Vansda national park, Vanil Udyog and Ambapada.
Mahal hill is situated 60 km from Saputara, which is dominated by the Purna Sanctuary. The hill is covered by the high wooded bamboo slopes. It is a very long drive that passes through the very amazing parts of Dangs. It is a very good place for picnics, treks and walks. The area is enabled with bamboo glades and rivers. The prime attractions of Mahal hills are Purna Sanctuary and Girmal Falls.

The town of Waghai hill begins 9 km from Saputara, surrounding this there are many tourist spots located, which will definately refresh you through its delightful beauty and ambience. The prime attractions where tourist must visit are Gira falls and Botanical Garden.

Saputara hill is a very enchanting and densely wooded; and the town hill station is located in the district of 'Dang' which is at the southern tip of Gujarat. To give more support to tourism, Gujarat governments has given much support in planning and constructing the hill stations with all the needful services like ropeway, boating parks, theaters, hotels, clubs and a museum to serve the tourists.

The location of Saputara is also favorable at a 1000 m altitude above the sea level, in the forest area of Dang of the Sahyadri range. The weather which you expect at your ideal holiday hill station, is the same climatic pleasure that can be found at Saputara hill. Saputara hill station has a uniform weather over the year. The highest temperature during the summer of Saputara is 28degree C, so it is an ideal hill station to enjoy the summer. The best time to visit Saputara is between April to early July so, may be it is also a best time of going on a holiday.

The meaning of the Saputara is an Adobe of Serpents. Tribal people situated in Saputara worshipped the snake call Sarpaganga on the Holi festival. Many tourists are attracted towards Saputara to see their tribal and their unique dance. If you are planning to visit Saputara, then for accommodation there are few hotels and also cottages. Along with the hotel, you can get food from wayside stalls to serve the delicious food to the tourists of Saputara. There are some prime attractions in Saputara hill, which you can visit such as Saputara Lake, Sunset view point, The Ropeway, Valley View Point, Museum and Gandharvapur artist village etc.