Pavagadh is an imperative place of pilgrimage in Gujarat and has been this from centuries. It is located in Halol Taluka, at a distance of forty nine kms commencing Vadodara. In prehistoric times the hill seems to be as a ‘Fire-Hill’ which covers with reference to forty two kms in boundary and rises to the height of eight hundred meters and dominates the plain area around it, but not for the reason of the height but it is because of the light yellow, tinged through red color. This color resembles the ‘Champak’ flower resulted in civilization of Champaner. Champaner, establishment has been, recognized to an assortment of persons collectively with Champa, Vanaraja’s minister; the ruler of Chavda Empire of Champa and Gujarat, a Bhil headman, turned to an element of the British during the 19th century. At some point in between, this area was ruled by several Muslim leaders.

According to an admired legend, long back, there survived a dale wherever Pavagadh Hill is recently located. On the prominent ground with mind blowing view of the dale, resided the renowned Rishi Vishvamitra, who had a cow named Kamdhenu, this cow was gifted with limitless milk and also an unexpected feature that is speech. His desire was approved through the gods for transferring huge hills those 3 quarters of overflowing the vacant and the remaining positioned out from the plains was called Pavagadh, that is called the quarter-hill.

The magnetism is the Kalika Temple which is very well known and is placed on very high hill and most of the inscriptions belong to the 15th century from here the location of a foot away from the temple is the Kali Mata temple which is at a distance of 5 kms. The Fort of Pavagadh, could have been a beyond doubt striking structure at the elevation of its grandeur, is among the forts in principally flat domain of Gujarat. These days, the forts are in ruined state.