Siddhpur Temple


Siddhpur is an ancient consecrated township near the banks of River Saraswati. It finds reveal as Sristhala of Skanda Purana. Siddhpur obtains its name commencing the, Siddhraj Jaisinh the immense ruler belonging to Gujarat, who assembled a outstanding Shiva Temple that belongs to 12th Century AD called Rudra Mahalaya in this town. You can see Siddhpur filled with ‘ashrams’, sacred buildings, and kunds by the side of banks of River Saraswati. In primordial period, the urban Siddhpur Structures were subjective by 2 momentous phase - the expected appearance of the Saraswati River including the man-made appearance of the Rudra Mahalaya.

The attraction in Siddhpur goes as follows; the inimitable environmental attribute of the streams of River Saraswati revolving eastwards provides unique holiness to this place.For Hindus, this is the place to execute the 'Matru Shraddh' that is ceremonial of maternal spirits. This connotation is the rationale used for the huge residents of Brahmins; these Brahmins perform as priests in such ceremonial. The ceremonies are executed at Kapilamuni Ashram, here there are three ‘Kunds’ of scared water exist-Gyan Bindu Sarovar Vapika, and Alpa Sarovar. For those interested in ceremonies of Hindu Religion this place is merit visiting.