Siddi Dhamal

The dance form performed by the men of the Siddi communities in Jafrabad and Jambur (Saurashtra) and migrated with them from East Africa. Adorned with peacock feathers that make both headdress and the skirt, they dance to the tempo of the dhol, and smaller two-sided drum, known as a dhamal. A mashira is used as a prop in the dance. Characterized by the vigorous jumping, the tempo of the drums and the fierce facial expressions, the climax of this dance is the tossing of the mashira up in the air, followed by its cracking on the dancer’s head.
Gujarat has many other dance forms besides those listed above. Many of them, beyond the popular Garba, Garbi and Raas, are difficult to come across, but are still danced in different communities on particular occasions and sometimes during stage shows.