Sidi Saiyads Mosque

Sidi Saiyad Mosque

Sidi Saiyads Mosque built in 1573, is the most famous mosques in Ahemdabad which is known for its intricate jalis, this mosque makes Ahemdabad travel worth, being one of the holy places in Ahemdabad. The mosque has ten screen windows (jalis) on the side and is entirely arched. In the style of a tree with curved tendrils and palm leaves the twin windows of the pierced stone are carved. Sidi Saiyads Mosque is a superb and mind-blowing example of fragile carving that transforms stone into filigree. The beautiful carved stone windows depict the intricate intertwining of the branches of the tree, this window is well known has the Sidi Saiyyad Jali. Wooden models of these windows and fine example of Indo-Scacenic architecture are kept in the Kensington museums and in New York.

Geometrical designs of square stone pierced panels are filled on the rear wall of the mosque. The two bays flanking the central gangway have reticulated stone slabs carved again in designs of foliage of the Kalpa tree and intertwined trees, a hindu motif; parasite motif and a palm. This mosque was once part of the city wall, and is now close to the river end of Relief Rd. the eastern face of the Sidi Saiyads Mosque is open that reveals the host of the pillars which divides the hall into animals and heroes from the popular hindu myths – one effect of jain craftsman and hindu on an Islamic tradition that is rarely allowed for the depiction of living beings in its mosques. The gardens around bears a good view and women cannot enter this mosque.